Contracting & Construction

We believe the key to a successful construction experience is our ability to listen and understand our client’s needs and desires. It is our goal to make your vision a reality.

Each perspective project is evaluated carefully. We review with you and your design team the best contract strategies for your project. We explain the various options and help you decide which approach is best: construction management, a lump sum contract or a hybrid of both of these approaches. In addition, we work closely with your design team to develop the best ways in which to build your project; maximize efficiency to keep on schedule or find ways to accelerate the schedule; and then choose sub-contractors that will fit with your project goals. Proper planning gets the project started on the right path.

We have gained our reputation and are admired for our insistence on the highest quality workmanship, resources and quality control. Careful planning prevents delays and our active attention to detail ensures that each and every project is closely attended to.

Our service department will make the transition from a construction site to a home an easy one. They will attend to all your post construction operational details, needs and make sure that all details are addressed.