Services - InTrevco, Inc.

At Intrevco, ongoing service is an integral part of the job—not an empty promise.
We believe every client we work with deserves our total commitment and dedicated service from beginning to end. That’s why we have a department of full-time employees devoted to service only.

Punch-list management: We finish what we start—down to the last detail.
Intrevco’s Service Department makes sure your punch list items at the end of your construction project are completed swiftly and efficiently. After you have moved into your new home, they are mindful of your privacy, furnishings and personal belongings.

Warranty Servicing: Satisfaction guaranteed.
We offer a one year warranty on all projects. Whatever the problem is, we’ll fix it. Our service department is the chief point of contact during the warranty period. Our personnel are accessible, responsive, and can mobilize quickly to solve the problem.

Small Projects: Affordable manpower for upgrades and more.
The service department also manages small construction and remodeling projects.
They often do upgrades for past clients and take on small-scale projects for architects and designers. Leaner and more centralized, our service department can manage projects in a highly efficient manner and keep costs down. If you want Intrevco quality work, but have budget constraints or think your project isn’t big enough—talk to our service department. You might be surprised to learn what’s possible.