Architectural Metal Design

Architectural metal is metal that has been fabricated into sheets or panels, carefully crafted for structural and decorative applications. It can be seen in almost all structures, big or small, and is a staple in the construction industry, commonly referred to as decorative metal or ornamental metal, dealing not only with appearance but also with functionality.

Expert Architectural Metal Fabricators in New York

Intrevco General Contracting works on architectural metal fabrication with nearly two decades of experience. From staircases, shelves, landings, light fixtures, walkways, bar tops, or custom kitchen pieces, we deliver. We specialize in the manufacturing and installation of architectural sheet metal. Our areas of expertise include fabricating and installing metal products, metal designs, custom metal, stainless steel, perforated metal, and aluminum composite panel systems. Services are offered in New York and the main boroughs (The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island) as well as in Connecticut and New Jersey.

Distinctive & Unique Custom Design In Unexpected Places

Designing and fabricating architectural metal can easily look monotonous especially if you are working from a template. But our team of expert metal fabricators makes sure it does not fall into coming up with products similar to others. We do extensive research on works done in the past and on the latest trends to come up with unique designs. Our team is also flexible and creative to manufacture products even in unexpected places and areas.

We Do

Bespoke Yet Functional Metal Designs

Our team of highly skilled and experienced craftsmen does custom-made and functional metal designs in line with the preferences of the clients. True craftsmanship and style are given premium in every project we do just as we ensure that the work we produce is of the highest standard.

Custom Patinas and Finishes

Custom patinas and finishes are part of our portfolio. The process of patination is intricate but we strive to make sure that the procedure is fully met to achieve the desired look, color, and feel of any surface. Patina is a technique used to create antique-looking metal surfaces with complex, non-repetitive patterns and can be achieved on steel, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel, among others. Our process has been proven to protect surfaces as it ages. Oxidation combinations, too, are developed on a large range of color palettes and hues.


We offer our clients different types of staircases which boast the latest manufacturing technology, ensuring accurate and quality results. We use different materials for our staircase, depending on the preferences of the clients. From the design phase, involving style and safety elements, all the way to the manufacturing and installation, we make sure that the clients are involved every step of the way to achieve complete satisfaction.


Railings are part of many architectural structures but vary in form. We recognize the importance that railings have both from an aesthetic and safety perspective and we put much consideration into striking a balance with the look and feel of every project. We work with different types of metals and materials and provide products that our clients can be satisfied with.

Metal Gates

Metal gates have an integral function to play for any property as a security feature and should be given much thought. But it, too, should not be boring. Our team manufactures durable and stylish gates to enhance the look of your property as well as maintain the highest standards for the security, safety, and convenience of the clients.

Interested In Our Services

Perfectly Designed

All great architectural projects start from the design and we assure our clients that work begins right from the conceptualization of ideas. And in partnership with the clients, we aim to produce designs that are perfectly suited to their needs and preferences.

Carefully Planned

Execution in any project is very important, which is why we make sure that before embarking on work we have laid down the necessary plans and got all bases covered for smooth completion of projects and with no delays as much as possible.

Smart Execution

We take pride in delivering projects on time but without compromising quality. Clients can rest easy that their projects are smartly executed by our experienced team and much thought is given to every detail to achieve the desired outcome.