Carpentry & Framing
A building only really begins to take shape once it is framed. It is through framing that what you’ve only seen in blueprints begins to become a reality. Consider a building’s frame like a person’s skeleton, giving the proper structure before everything else is placed on top of it. Unlike other companies, however, InTrevco’s carpentry and framing service only includes walls.

Carpenters & Framers Experts in New York.

With all the amazing examples of architecture spread throughout New York, it’s easy to be overwhelmed or intimidated. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to settle for inferior quality or shoddy craftsmanship in any of the five boroughs. Stretching all the way to New Jersey and Connecticut, our carpentry and framing services reinforce your underlying structure to be both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

We’ll build it right – from the beginning

We are fully committed to building an edifice that has a strong and enduring foundation because that is the cornerstone of everything else. Our standards have to stay at the highest level so that we do not sacrifice a beautiful façade for the sake of a solid structure and vice versa.

The in-house advantage

As a full-service contracting company, we at InTrevco have our own team of carpenters and framers with years of experience at your disposal. This eliminates the need for hiring outside subcontractors that might otherwise hurt the budget that you had in mind. We not only handle the framing of projects, we also take care of millwork and door installation services.

We also do

Residential & Commercial Wall Carpentry Framing

Any credible general contractor that provides framing services will start with the most basic of questions. Namely, are you planning to build a load bearing wall or a non-load bearing wall? Once this is determined, your construction project can naturally move forward with the following other services in our catalog.


From determining whether a wall will be load bearing or non-load bearing, you begin to shape the structure of your project.


Used for constructing interior walls and ceilings, sheetrock is a type of plasterboard composed of gypsum enclosed by heavy sheets of paper.

Door Installation

Without doors, you cannot enter nor exit a room, let alone an entire building. From different residential to commercial doors, glass to metal and other materials, external to internal, we help open and close this need.

Door Jamb

Often misunderstood and misspelled, a door jamb is a specific part of the door frame that takes the door’s weight while keeping the rest of the frame square and stable. Our carpenters are versed in door jamb installation

Crowning or Molding/Crown Molding

InTrevco both paints and installs molding that runs between top of an internal wall and a ceiling (a.k.a. crown molding) to enhance the value and appearance of your structure.


Most of the time, it’s necessary to remove and reinstall baseboards to properly take out old flooring while placing the new. Many don’t consider baseboards in the flooring installation process but InTrevco carpenters work to cover this as well.

Perfect Design

Your structure in the five New York boroughs should look its best in the city that never sleeps and its famous environs.

Carefully Planned

Looks aren’t enough, though, and intricate planning should complement those aesthetics to ensure the building’s long-term stability.

Smartly Execute

This synthesis of beauty and function in carpentry and framing is what InTrevco can provide your commercial or residential building.

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