Painting & Finishing
To achieve the desired appearance or make something easier to bond with while providing durability, we provide finishing services on top of the painting. InTrevco also does plastering and wall-covering services to add to your structure’s aesthetic appeal.

In-House Painters & Finishing Professionals in New York.

They don’t call New York “the city that never sleeps” for nothing. The five New York boroughs are rich in culture and can often feel like the center of the universe. That also makes finding reliable in-house painters and finishing professionals a challenge. We at InTrevco have been servicing New York as well as Connecticut and New Jersey for over 15 years so our impeccable reputation precedes us. InTrevco is a one-stop-shop for residential and commercial painting and finishing services.

Painting is just the beginning.

From the most basic of paint applications to exotic textures you’ve only dreamed of, InTrevco has a wide range of finishes that you can have at your disposal. Watch as the rich colors and styles that may only inhabit your imagination come to life thanks to the creativity and skills of our in-house professionals.


Choosing highly-skilled professionals.

It’s not enough to just hire anyone off the street to paint your building. Otherwise, you might end up with Jackson Pollock splatters on your wall (without the artistic talent). The highly-skilled in-house painters that InTrevco has on its roster ensure that what you envision is what ends up on your facades and walls.

Finishes that transform.

As the concluding stage of construction, finishing is often what is judged regarding the overall quality of a building. The top in-house painting and finishing professionals have the necessary experience and artistic expertise to deliver work that can be outright transformative.

Why Choose InTrevco?

It would be easy to present our clientele over the past decade and a half and have them speak on our behalf. It would be easy to enumerate the many projects across the five boroughs, New Jersey, and Connecticut to show what we’ve accomplished. You can also choose to contact us to determine for yourself if the reputation that InTrevco has gained is worth your trust. Our team is always on call to communicate with you at every step of the process to ensure that what we are executing is in line with what you envisioned all along.

Interested In Our Services

We offer a variety of

Residential & Commercial Finishing Options

Residential and commercial establishments both need to look their best once construction is completed. Any perceived defects, deficiencies, or inaccuracies need to be patched up or repaired for the public to see. This is where finishing comes in. As is the case when remodeling or renovating, finishing seeks to cover with a final layer or any remaining touches to close the door on a project. There are several ways to finish and InTrevco offers the following services.


Whether interior or exterior painting, we have the skilled professionals to take care of your home or your commercial establishment

Plaster / Skim Coat Plastering

Uneven surfaces and rough walls no longer have to worry you when InTrevco plasters over them with ease

Wall Covering / Wallpaper

If you prefer something more ornate or decorative covering your plain walls, we’ve literally got you covered with so many designs to choose from

Decorative Glazing

Even your window and door panes can be decorated with colorful glass panes using what is also called ornamental glass

Gold, Platinum, and Silver Leafing

Hammering gold, silver, or platinum into very thin sheets to add character, texture, and color to your building


Our in-house professionals can also do staining to deliberately artistically discolor a surface by using dissimilar materials

Tinted Plaster

Your plaster need not be boring white but instead, allow us to add some color to it by tinting or adding pigment

Stucco Veneziano

With a process that originated in Italy, our professionals can use this finishing technique to render a relief effect on a smooth surface