Interior Design Services

Interior design is usually a full service involving a design team managing an entire project. This includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, communicating with the clients, construction management, and execution of the design. Interior designers take the lead to make sure that the final result is accomplished and fulfills all the needed requirements and specifications.

Licensed Interior Designers in New York.

InTrevco General Contracting offers interior designing services, led by award-winning and licensed interior designers who are well-versed with their craft. They collectively work for the designing and building process to progress smoothly.

We’ve got projects covered as we have interior decorators, graphic designers, home decorators, room designers, and project managers, among others, whose approach to designing is consistent with current industry standards. Our services cover both residential/apartments and commercial spaces and are offered in New York and the main boroughs (The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island) as well as in Connecticut and New Jersey.

Life in the Fast Lane

As one of the busiest commercial areas in the world, east coast living can be both tiring and pricey. You often find yourself working long hours trying to find success against equally motivated and hungry contemporaries. The rat race is real.

With that being the case, the best scenario for you would be to live and/or work in a place that puts your mind at ease while staying productive. The best living spaces give you the comfort of truly feeling at home. On the other hand, an ideal workspace places you in the proper mindset to work at an optimum level. The right kind of interior design can meet those demands.

We can help you from

Visualization to Documentation

We at InTrevco recognize how special building a dream space is and we want to be there throughout the process. Our group of interior designers makes it a point to engage you right from the visualization of projects to get your preferences and ideas before coming up with final designs to your liking.

When work begins, expect our team to be on top of things, supervising the whole process but still involving clients in decision-making. Rest assured that the designs that we will be producing are in sync with your budget and lifestyle.


Our interior designers always submit to a co-creating process with clients. We always set aside time to be consulted, while listening to every suggestion and concern you may have – including goals for the project and budget — to ensure that your dream spaces realized.

Key for us is finding a balance between form, functionality, and aesthetics for a particular project, tapping the expertise of the design team members who have worked for different industries.

Design Development

After the design has been approved, its development follows. Here, everything that was agreed upon during the consultations will be illustrated through proposed floor plans, detailed drawings, wall elevations, and other visual aids for proper reference and guidance.

We make sure that this phase of the design process continues to be collaborative between you and our team. Every detail to be added, if there are any, is to be put up for discussion by all parties and your approval after.

Material Selection

Once the architectural plans are settled, we then work on assisting you with the selection of materials to be used, both for every surface inside the home and for exterior spaces. With the extensive experience of our team, you can rest assured that we use quality materials for sourcing and application. We will take the lead and assist in the decision-making, be it about aesthetics or budget-wise.


Come construction time, our design team continues to work, conducting regular job site visits to help in overseeing that design details are being followed accurately. We can also act as a liaison between you and the architect and/or contractor for concerns and adjustments that have to be addressed along the way. This is apart from us assisting in the proper filing of construction documents for projects to proceed.

Home Furnishing

InTrevco can also go the extra mile and provide designers who can come in to help in furnishing the dream spaces of clients. It can be for a few pieces or an entirely new interior setup. Our designers are experts at designing and selecting furniture, fabrics, and accent pieces to ensure cohesiveness in interior spaces.

Interested In Our Services

Perfectly Designed

Interior design is better suited to be handled by a team of professionals. You get that with InTrevco. You can be assured that the designs put out are carefully thought out and perfectly made to suit the liking of those who avail of our services.

Carefully Planned

We assure you that before everything is approved, all the needed requirements are met and discussed with all concerned to avoid any delay once the building process begins.

Smart Execution

We strive to deliver projects on time, but not at the expense of quality. We make sure that when we turn over projects, they are smartly executed from the beginning to the end.